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How to Submit a Yearbook for Proofing and Printing:

1. Review the following checklist from the proof approval form. This is the same list you will be asked to sign off on when you approve your digital proof during the final proofing process so it is best to review it now to make sure you’ve not missed anything:

2. If you are confident all these items have been checked and are accurate and complete, prepare your book for submission:

  • Pixami Users
  • LumaPix Users

Pixami Users will mark each section as complete on the Manage and Design Book page. Next, go to the Advisor Review page and double check each page, approving and rejecting each section as need. Once all sections have been approved, the submit button will appear. 

Mark Complete Button
Click this button to
mark a section as complete.
Section Status
This tells you the status of this
Manage & Design Book Page
Section Status
This tells you the status of this section
PDF Proof
Generate a PDF of this section

Click here to approve this section. Once all sections are approved and marked 'reviewed' the submit button will appear.
Click here to reject this section. Rejected section
must once again be marked 'complete' in Manage & Dessign
Adviser Review Page
Click this button to send your book to YearbookMarket
for Final Review, Approval and Ordering.
Advisor Review Page

LumaPix users, navigate to the Admin tab. Double check that your book type is correct, that your page numbers are on or off as you desire, and that you have the proper number of pages. Once you have confirmed these details, click on the Submit Yearbook Button.

Admin Tab
Click this button to
open the admin tab.
Book Size
Confirm that the book
size matches the binding
for the book you are ordering.
If it does not match,
please email support
Page Numbers
Confirm that the page numbering
looks the way you want.
For more on Page Numbering
Click Here
Number of Pages
The first number shows how
many pages are in your book.
It should always be an even
number and if you are ordering
a saddle-stitch book, it needs
to be divisible by four.

Submit Book
When you have confirmed that your book is ready,
click this button to upload it to Yearbook Market for proofing.
Hover over circled areas for details

3. In less than 60 minutes you will receive an email with a link to your final digital proof in our Yearbook Market (YBM) portal. Follow the link to Yearbook Market. You will use your email and YBM password to log and and review your digital proof. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your password; you will be able to request a temporary password if needed.

4. The digital proofing process in YBM will allow you to review your cover and all your pages in spreads as they will appear in your printed books. You can comment on issues so that others on your team can see your comments. You can approve the book. You can reject the book (please enter a reason when presented with the “reason” dialogue box) and the hi-res PDFs that are to be sent to print are available for download and review as well.

Make comments for
others to see.

Downloadable PDF
Download a PDF
to view or print from your local
Page Flipping
Use these buttons
to flip the pages
Page Navigation
Enter a page number
and click go to open the
book to that page.
If the book needs edits/corrections,
click this button to reject the proof.
You will then simply return to your
yearbook software, make the changes,
and repeat the steps above to re-upload your project.

If you are certain that your
book is ready to print, click
this button to approve the proof.
If you have permission to place an order
the orange order button will become active.
Otherwise your school photographer will
place the final order for you.

Hover over circled areas for details

5. If you reject the book because edits/corrections need to be made, you will simply return to your yearbook software, make the changes,  and repeat the steps above to re-upload your project.

6. If you approve the book and you have permission to place an order, the orange “Order” button at the top right of the proofing screen will become active. If you do not have ordering permission, your school photographer will place the final order for you.