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Returning Users!

All returning users should clean LumaPix YearbookFusion off of their computer and reinstall a fresh version at the start of EVERY new school year

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Users Guide

The YearbookFusion Desktop Users Guide will walk you through creating a yearbook from start to finish. Flipbook navigation buttons are found below the book. To expand the flipbook to fullscreen, click on the book on the shelf to the right. To return to normal size, click the x in the upper right corner. To download a printable PDF of the manual, click the download icon  .

Content Catalogs

Click a cover to the left to open a flip book of that catalog.


A wide variety of recorded webinars and tutorial videos are available as well. Click here to check them out!

Knowledge Base

Many of the most common questions can be found answered in our extensive knowledge base

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  • General
  • Book Ladder
  • The Editor
  • Panel Pages
  • Troubleshooting